Option3’s administrative services are a great option for small business owners who are overwhelmed with paperwork but do not want the headaches associated with hiring a part-time or full-time staff member.  Option3 will tackle these tasks as an independent contractor compensated monthly with an annual 1099 (NOT a W2).  This allows business owners access to the help they need while alleviating the extra time, energy and expense of hiring an employee.

An initial meeting is set up with the business owner and an Option3 representative to determine which tasks Option3 will be responsible for, deadlines, expectations, etc.  Package options are then presented to the owner and can be revised prior to commencement of services.  See below for a few examples of current tasks offered.  Actual tasks will depend on specific company needs.

Examples of Option3’s current client’s needs include:

Bookkeeping: Inputting invoices and expenses into QuickBooks online.  Sending invoices to clients when needed.

Proposals to Clients: Emailing proposals to clients to ensure contracts are agreed upon and signed prior to starting work with client.

Data entry: Managing databases by inputting new client info and updating existing client info.

Excel: Creating excel sheets for expenses.

Mailings: Sending out marketing mailings, invoices, newsletters, etc.

Correspondence with Clients: Sending thank you notes or holiday cards (handwritten or typed) to current clients or prospective clients.

Social Media Updates: Posting periodic updates about your business or industry using social media.

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